Photographer in Barcelona

Barcelona is the perfect place for any photo shoot. A creative and amazing city where you come tired and completely indifferent to everything, and return full of energy, energy and new outlooks on life. To do this, a photographer in Spain will take you to unique and exotic places, arrange a gorgeous photo shoot on the beach (we highly recommend visiting the most impressive Barceloneta or Nova Mar, located away from the bustle of the city), green areas, and will go with you to Mount Tibidabo.

We know about all the features of working with couples, families and children, we thoroughly possess the skill of reporting photography.

Each new photo session is unique; there are no identical photos in our portfolio. You get beautifully, efficiently and quickly processed photos.

We know all the tourist routes in the city, as well as amazing places that almost no one knows about.

Do not worry, if you have a feeling of embarrassment in front of the lens, we know how to liberate the participants of the photo shoot to get bright and vivid photos.

Family photographer in Barcelona

A family photo shoot at the sea is an ideal way to get really stunning pictures, the most daring and unusual dreams are embodied here. The marine location gives you a lot of options for a photo shoot: in the water, at sunset or in the early morning, when the wind has seriously taken up the waves, on the rocks or on the beach.

A family photographer in Barcelona is a true professional in his field. Do not worry about finding successful places for unforgettable shots, we take this responsibility. As a result, you will get vivid live photos, which will be the atmosphere of travel and sincere emotions.

Wedding photographer in Barcelona

Everyone who has visited Barcelona at least once knows that he will take hundreds of photographs from the city. It just doesn’t happen in another way. And if you plan to have a wedding in Barcelona, then you will have to forget about amateur photography. Is it worth trusting such a responsibility to guests or lovers? Of course not, you simply do not have the right to do this, because one of the most beautiful places on the planet was chosen for the ceremony – do not let the best of your moments not be captured.

The photoshoot in Barcelona will take place against the backdrop of magnificent views, because the city is incredibly rich in unique places that can not be found in travel agencies and can not be found on sites with attractions, and the photographer knows about them.

The wedding photographer in Barcelona plans to take photographs and the entire route in advance, after discussing it with you. A professional takes up work of any complexity, even if you are planning the most non-standard ceremony on top of Tibidabo.

Love Story photo shoot

Gone are the days when Love Story was filmed exclusively for the newlyweds. Now the photo shoot is performed in different ways. For example, couples want to recreate the story of their acquaintance, love, marriage proposal. The latter option is especially relevant. Couples together with the photographer come up with an unusual plot, they can even interpret their favorite movie.

One way or another, everything should go according to the script, and the photographer’s task is to make the pictures as lively and realistic as possible. Photos should be real, emotional and have a storyline. A true professional is able to deftly introduce the production into reportage photos, where the characters behave as naturally as possible. As practice shows, these are the most magnificent and beloved pictures.

The Love Story photoshoot is a kind of dress rehearsal and check of your photographer. As practice shows, only 50% of couples plan a photo session from A to Z and know how everything will look in reality. Otherwise, they are often lost, they do not fully understand where the beginning of the story is, but where it ends, how to develop the storyline. In this case, this concern lies with the photographer, whose main task is to achieve the wow effect in the pictures.

Photographer in Barcelona

Ordering the services of a professional photographer in Barcelona is a great solution for tourists. The time, place and cost of shooting in each case are negotiated separately. It depends on the number of hours, the frequency of the image change and the selected locations. In any case, a Russian-speaking photographer in Barcelona is an ideal option for couples, lovers, newlyweds or those who are just getting ready to marry and have a wedding in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Filming can be done anywhere, including the home environment. It all depends on the wishes of the client. If you have any difficulties with choosing locations or run out of original ideas, we will be happy to solve this problem.

The purpose of the trip is different for everyone. Even if you are a simple tourist and come on vacation, do not put in the place of a photographer guide, tourist-companion or passers-by. Entrust business to professionals. So you are guaranteed not to miss anything, visit the most incredible places and get truly unique pictures. The city is rich in wonderful offers and you always have plenty to choose from.